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? asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago

(急件)麻煩哪位英文高手幫我修正一下這篇短文 贈15點

I enter this university have already four months, I think that I have gradually adapt university life, and I meet a lot of interesting things in this four months.

The most interesting thing is I and my friends in order to celebrate Christmas, so we decided to went to “the face”, it was a pub. When we enter there, we could not saw everything very clear, because there is too dark. Soon, we drank a little wine and began to dance. When I went to the toilet, one of my friends saw a people and treat as me, so he beat the person’s buttocks and say :『Do you want to drink more wine?』 When the person turn his head and looked at him, he just found he was recognized wrong people and say sorry right away. When I exit from toilet, he looked at me very angry and say:『Where you go?』I just know what happened a short while ago.

There is so funny, right? And how your university life, have anything interesting things? If you have any problems, remember write the letter for me.

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  • Linda
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    2 decades ago
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    I have already entered this university for four months.  I think that I have gradualy adapted to university life and have met a lot of interesting things in this short period of time.The most interesting thing was going to a Christmas celeration at a pub called :the Face" with my friends. We could not see everything clearly inside of the pub, because it was too dark. We started drinking wine and dancing soon after goint there.When going to washroom by myself, someone apporched my friend. He asked him if he wanted some wine behind my friend, and my friend turned his face to that person. He realized that he bothered the wrong person and appoliged right away. When I walked out the washroom, my friend was angry and asked me "where did you go?" He told me what just heppened while I wasnot there with him.It was so fun, isn't it? How is your school life going? Do not forget to write me a letter and share your story with me.1. The tense is not correct.2. The sentances are messy the way you put them altogether.      

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