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在美國唸top100的化學研究所 留在美國工作的問題

我計畫今年秋天到美國攻讀化學碩士 想找做有機 材料 或分析方面的實驗室 目前正在申請top100的chemistry master program,我想知道 1.碩士畢業後 在美國可以找哪一類的工作 2.工作機會大不大 3.化學相關產業大致分布在哪一區或哪一州 4.薪水的range大概如何 5.有無機會未來成為美國公民 6.Georgia state裡有相關的產業嗎 希望有相關經驗或類似經驗的高手指點迷津 感激不盡


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so Chemical Engineering might/should have much more opportunity than a master of chemistry?i am sure that i don't want to get a PH.D......so do u strongly suggest that i probably can apply a master of Chemical Engineering

Update 2:

,because i think these two areas have something in common so i think i still can do research in material in lab.......can u provide more advice,i think that would be very helpful...thanks

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    If you has a master degree in Chemistry, you may find jobs in petrolum, oil industry, materials science, sometimes in semiconductor company (processing related), some laboratory research associate PROVIDED THAT there is a company which is willing to sponsor the working visa for you. Most of the petrolum or oil industry are either in Texas or California. You may find better opportunity in Texas. Semiconductor manufacturing companies are also mostly either in California or in Texas. It is hard to say about salary range. It really depends on what industry are you in. You need to be aware that salary of chemistry is lower than chemical engineering. If you can manage to stay in US long enough and there is company which is willing to apply green card for you, you will have chance to become US citizen. A cruel fact is that it is very very difficult to find a job with a master degree in Chemistry if you are a foreign student. For pure science subject such as physics or chemistry, my advice is to get a PhD eventually. This will increase your chance to stay in US. Master degree in Chemistry may not get you very far in terms of finding a job. Chemical Engineering will be much much better.

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    In fact, my friend with a degree in Chemical Engineering got offers from all the jobs she applied.

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    What school did she graduate from??

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    通常申請工作簽證 找的工作 要跟你唸的科系有關才行

    畢業後申請工作簽證 再申請綠卡 綠卡拿了5年後 才能申請入籍公民

    不過最近申請工作簽證的人很多 名額有限 所以最好在畢業前就把公司找好

    早點申請 比較保險

    對於化學工業我並不清楚 能給的意見 也只有這樣了 不過 這個工作應該很好找工作吧! 因為是特殊行業

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