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call on 以及call for 的差異

請問call on 以及call for 的差異以及使用時機


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    call on / upon:

    1. call on sb. to do sth.- you say in public that you want them to do that.

    e.g. We should call on all our resources to rescue wild creatures which are in the danger of extinction.


    <c.f> She called on / appealled to / asked for us to help her villagers. 她請求我們去幫助她的村民.

    2. call on sb.- you pay him a short visit.

    e.g. He intended to call on his grandma. 他想去看他的祖母.

    call for:

    1. call for sb.: you go to the building where he is, so that you can see he goes somewhere.

    e.g. I'll call for you / pick you up at 11 a.m.


    2. call for sth.: you demand that it should happen.

    e.g. Claire blisteringly called for her boyfriend carrying on her the back by foot for a mile because of his late arrival.


    3. sth. calls for a particular action or quality: it needs or makes it necessary.

    e.g. The situation calls for prompt / immediate action.


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    call on...


    He called on me at nine yesterday morning.


    call at...


    He called at my office at nine yesterday morning.

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