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    希拉蕊Hilary Duff

    Why Not... 2003

    What Dreams Are Made Of(Ballad Version/莉琪的異想世界)

    專輯Santa Claus Lane(甜心的聖誕祝福)...2002/10/15

    1.Santa Claus Lane 2.Santa Claus Is Coming to Town 3.I Heard Santa on the Radio

    4.Jingle Bell Rock 5.When the Snow Comes Down in Tinseltown 6.Sleigh Ride

    7.Tell Me a Story(About The Night Before) 8.Last Christmas

    9.Same Old Christmas(Feat.Haylie Duff) 10.Wonderful Christmastime

    專輯 Metamorphosis(甜心日記)...2003/10/03

    1.So Yesterday(愛情過去式) 2.Come Clean 3.Workin' It Out 4.Little Voice(私密心聲)

    5.Where Did I Go Right? 6.Anywhere But Here 7.The Math 8.Love Just Is

    9.Sweet Sixteen 10.Party Up 11.Metamorphosis(甜心日記) 12.Inner Strength

    13.Why Not 14.A Day In The Sun

    專輯Hilary Duff(貼近希拉蕊)...2004/09/28

    1.Fly 2.Do You Want Me 3.Weird 4.Hide Away 5.Mr. James Dean

    6.Underneath This Smile 7.Dangerous To Know 8.Who's That Girl 9.Shine 10.I Am

    11.The Getaway 12.Cry 13.Haters 14.Rock This World

    15.Someone's Watching Over Me 16.Jericho 17.The Last Song

    18.Who's That Girl(Acoustic Mix) 19.Our Lips Are Sealed

    20.My Generation(Bonus Track)

    專輯Most Wanted(神采飛揚-新歌+精選)...2005/08/16

    1.Wake Up 2.The Getaway 3.Beat Of My Heart 4.Come Clean(Remix 2005)

    5.Who's That Girl 6.Mr. James Dean 7.So Yesterday(愛情過去式)

    8.Metamorphosis(甜心日記) 9.Rock This World(Remix 2005) 10.Break My Heart

    琳賽蘿涵Lindsay Lohan


    1.First 2.Nobody 'Til You 3.Symptoms Of You 4.Speak 5.Over

    6.Something I Never Had 7.Anything But Me 8.Disconnected

    9.To Know Your Name 10.Very Last Moment In Time 11.Magnet 12.Rumors

    專輯A Little More Personal(私生活)...2005/12/06

    1.Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father) 2.Black Hole

    3.I Live For the Day 4.I Want You to Want Me 5.My Innocence

    6.A Little More Personal 7.If It's Alright 8.If You Were Me 9.Fastlane

    10.Edge of Seventeen 11.Who Loves You 12.A Beautiful Life (La Bella Vita)

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