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喵森 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

朋友的履歷表,可以幫忙翻一下嗎? thx







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    I grew up in a strict but warm family. My family consists of my mom, dad, and an elder brother. My dad is a pediatrician, and my mom is a pharmacist. My elder brother is currently a medical school student at Kaohsiung Medical University. I spent most of my childhood years in Taoyuan. As my parents would like to give me a taste of big cities and enrich my knowledge, so they sent me to Taipei after my graduation from elementary school. From the 7th to 9th grade, I attended Jinhua Junior High School in Taipei. For high school, I went to Yanping Senior High School, a private high school in Taipei. Yanping Senior High School is a school known for its strictness. It places a lot of emphasis on academic performance of its students. I spent my high school years studying under an environment of intense competition and pressure. Under this fierce and competitive atmosphere, I have thus become unwilling to admit defeat when competing with others. After high school graduation, I attended Jingyi University in Taichung. I majored in chemistry. Through schoolwork, I learned a lot about professional knowledge and marketing skills related to chemistry. In addition, my schoolwork got me familiarized with cosmetics as well as its makings. Besides academic work, my college life enabled me to learn how to better interact with others as well as communicate with the elders.


    In charge of medication dispensation and data management at a pharmacy.

    Worked part-time at the 3375 Fast Food Restaurant under Mercuries Group.

    Worked as a promotion and teaching personnel for Wifly, the Unlimited Internet Access Project of Taipei City Government.

    Source(s): 安娜貝
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  • 6 years ago


    可以上網搜尋下 行銷軟體 看看。


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    I get at a strict but warm family since the childhood, the member in house has father,mother to still have an elder brother, father is a pediatric doctor, mother is the medicine teacher, elder brother currently medical college studying in Kaohsiung, I spent my childhood in Taoyuan, go to the parents in the junior high school to hope they can let me experience the prosperous progress of the metropolis, hence go to Taipei to study, the junior high school studies in the junior high school of gold R.O.C., the senior high school studies in Taipei private postpone the even and deluxe high school, postpone the even senior high school is a school tradition careful, value the school of result, so at senior high school of time spend while competing the very big system of the pressure, also develop with the person the competition to refuse to concede defeat of work the attitude.The university arrived at studying in Taichung, studying in the private quiet proper university to turn the department, going to school in the lessons the professional knowledge concerning chemistry, the technique that is on the marketing, with the understanding of some cosmeticses with make, went to school in the social intercourse interpersonal interaction, with the communication …… of of the elder


    1.Be responsible for filling a prescription in the pharmacy, with the management of the data.

    2.Three business the 巧 blessing works.

    3.The Taipei city government is infinite to get to the Internet of guide personnel and teaching personnels.

    Source(s): 譯言堂
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