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    1.You are my God

    closer to me than the air that I breathe

    all that I am

    formed by Your words, I was made in Your hand

    2.You are my song

    in my darkest night, I will sing of Your dawn

    all of my days

    You filled my life with Your mercy and grace


    by Your beauty

    falling deeper in You

    breathe into my soul

    spirit of God fill my life with Your presence

    hide under Your shadow

    dwell in Your secret place

    It's You I long to know

    **Every day of my Life

    I will wait on You

    In Your presence my heart and strength renew

    Every moment I wake

    I will worship You

    You saturated my soul

    My heart flows

    Rivers of living water


    Restore Me By: Anthony Evans

    On the outside, you think I’m alright

    There’s a smile on my face, everything’s okay

    But on the inside, there’s a different story

    I’ve stumbled down this road, and I’ve got so far to go

    I’m a broken man, On my knees again

    Longing for a touch from you

    I need your hand to…

    Restore me

    I need your mercy

    Take me to the place I used to be

    Use all the pain and the hurt

    To do a greater work and

    Restore me


    I wore my mask, running away from my past

    Hiding all my scars, thinking I’d gone too far

    But He knew my pain, and He loved me just the same

    He promised I’d be free If I fell on my knees and cried


    Restore unto me the joy of my salvation

    So I’ll sing again the song you wrote for me

    Give me a clean heart I want a brand new start

    Like the moment when I first believed

    Source(s): 法國和日文很難找......這2首也不錯...參考看看...
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