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(急 20點 ) Help~ 簡易的中翻英






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    1.我大概每天都會上網,通常是收收e-mail以及和朋友聊天,有時候也會注意一些美術展覽資訊1.I will surf the Net every day probably, usually accept e-mail and chat with the friend, sometimes will pay attention to some fine arts exhibition information2.關於這方面,我和我父母之間沒有代溝,因為我們會尊重彼此的想法2.About this respect, there is no generation gap between my parents and me, because we will respect the mutual idea3.我認同我自己,對於做任何決定都絕不後悔3.I approve myself, never regret in making any decision4.我不喜歡運動,但我卻熱衷於舞蹈,它可以幫助我找到自信4.I do not like sports, but I hanker after the dance, it can help me to find self-confidently5.我認為網路是目前最利於人類聯絡的媒介,但比起手寫信件,似乎少了一點情感 5.I think the network benefits the media that the mankind gets in touch with most at present, but compared with the handwritten mail, seem to lack a little emotion 

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    1.I probably will get to the Internet everyday, usually accepting the e-mail and chatting with the friend, the sometimes also will notice some art exhibition information

    2.Concerning this aspect, I has no generation gap with my parents', because we know viewpoint respecting each other

    3.I approve myself, for do any decisions to all regret in no case

    4.I do not like to exercise, but I fall overboard for to dance, it can help me to find out the self-confidence

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