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有一些英文電影裡的句子 想要知道它的中文意思


1.You wanted to see me.

2.What are you talking about.

3.You’re making a big mistake.

4.What are you doing up?

5.I just want to watch some TV.

6.You’re blind like a bat.

7.I’m very upset with you.

8.We could be at first.

9.You think is it easy?

10.There’s a big shot.


1.He’s not coming back , Gus.

2.The river called his name.

3.It was your father’s tune.

4.It was your father touch.

5.You can’t do that , mom.

6.The race is in a month.

7.I want to feel alive.

8.Just tell me one thing.

9.What are you doing ? Ned.

10.Be careful what you try.

11.I think you’re both crazy.

12.Take care of my mom.

13.Come on out of there.

14.We are here about the race.

15.I am here enter the race.

16.I want to run the race.

17.That sounds good to me.

18.See you is ST , Paul , someday.

19.He is ahead on the hill.

20.Can I help you , sir ?

21.Don´t you the people get you paper on there?

22.Don´t tell me what to do.

23.I know who you are.

24.There’s no sigh of stoneman.

25.You tried to kill my dog.

26.It´s good to see you.

27.A man with a gun.

幫忙翻譯一下 很急 拜託 謝謝~~

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    The mileage I flew increase the knowledge I knew. 這是LITTLE BIG LEAGVE電影裡ㄉ句子1.You wanted to see me.你要見我。2.What are you talking about.你在說什麼?3.You’re making a big mistake.你捅了個大樓子!4.What are you doing up?不懂你的意思。5.I just want to watch some TV.我只想看些電視節目。6.You’re blind like a bat.你盲目得象隻蝙蝠。7.I’m very upset with you.我對你感到非常的苦惱。8.We could be at first.我們一開始可以的。9.You think is it easy?你覺得容易嗎?10.There’s a big shot.大牌在那裡。這是IRON WILL ㄉ句子1.He’s not coming back , Gus.Gus(人名:格斯),他不會回來了。2.The river called his name.那條河呼喚了他的名子。3.It was your father’s tune.這是你父親的曲子。4.It was your father touch.這是你父親的遺傳。(我猜的,因為沒看到片子和完整的對話)5.You can’t do that , mom.媽,妳不能這麼做。6.The race is in a month.比賽在一個月內舉行。7.I want to feel alive.我要有活著的感覺。/我要感受生命。8.Just tell me one thing.只要告訴我一件事。9.What are you doing ? Ned.Ned(人名:耐特),你在幹什麼?10.Be careful what you try.小心你在試的。11.I think you’re both crazy.我想你們倆個都瘋了。12.Take care of my mom.照顧我母親。13.Come on out of there.快出來。14.We are here about the race.我們為比賽的事而來的。15.I am here enter the race.我來參賽的。16.I want to run the race.我要舉行比賽。17.That sounds good to me.對我而言那聽起來很好。18.See you is ST , Paul , someday.See you is ST? 還是See you in ST?如果是See you in ST的話:Paul(人名:葆羅),哪天我們在ST(聖保羅)見。19.He is ahead on the hill.他在我們前頭的山丘上。20.Can I help you , sir ?先生/長官,我能幫你嗎?21.Don´t you the people get you paper on there?不懂你的意思。22.Don´t tell me what to do.別叫我怎麼做。23.I know who you are.我知道你是誰。24.There’s no sigh of stoneman.Stoneman是啥?不懂你的意思。25.You tried to kill my dog.你嘗試屠殺我的狗。26.It´s good to see you.見到你真好。27.A man with a gun.一個有槍的男子。

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