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贈20點!! 急需!! 英翻中~電源管理

The gated-clock finite state machines (FSMs) approach [4], depicted in Figure 1, is based on identifying self-loops in a Moore FSM. If the FSM enters a state with a

self-loop, the signal Fa is asserted and the clock is turned off.

In this situation, the inputs to the combinational logic block do not switch, and thus there is virtually zero power dissipation in that block.

When the input values cause the FSM to make a state transition, the clock signal is again

enabled and the circuit resumes normal operation.

In order to achieve significant power savings, the primary input lines have to be blocked.

Thus, this procedure is only applicable to FSMs where the output lines do not depend

directly on the primary input lines (i.e.,Moore FSMs).

This is a severe limitation of the method.

To overcome this problem, techniques to locally transform a Mealy FSM into a Moore FSM are given in [4].

Consider the state transition graph (STG) of the Mealy FSM of Figure 2(a).

The self-loops of state s0 can be used directly since the output assumes the same value for all of them.

However, the output depends on the input values for the self-loops of state s1, therefore no clock-gating is possible.

The STG can be transformed into an equivalent one as shown in Figure 2(b), where state s1 has been split into states s1a and s1b.

Clock-gating is now possible for the self-loops in each of these states.



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  • 吉浩
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    2 decades ago
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    選通鐘的有限狀態機(FSMs)接近 [4],用圖1 描繪,基于在莫爾FSM裡鑑定自循環。 如果FSM帶著A進入一個國家


    在這種情勢裡,對combinational邏輯塊的輸入不接通, 因此在那個塊裡有實際上零功率耗損。




    因此,這個程式只對輸出線不依靠的FSMs 適用



    解決這個問題,當地把粉狀的FSM 改變成莫爾FSM的技術被給在裡 [4].



    不過,輸出依靠輸入值而得到國家s1的自循環, 因此沒有時鐘脈波門是可能的。

    STG可能被如圖2(b)中所示改變到等價物一, 說明s1已經被分成國家s1a 和s1b。


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  • Jing
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    2 decades ago

    選通鐘的有限狀態機(FSMs)接近 [4]基于在圖1 Bis的Bdepicted在莫爾FSM裡鑑定自循環。 如果FSM帶著A進入一個國家 自循環Bthe信號Fa被認定,鐘被關上。 在這種情勢裡對combinational邏輯塊的Bthe輸入不如此接通頻帶在那個塊裡實際上有零功率耗損。 當輸入值引起FSM狀態轉換時,Bthe時鐘信號再次 被使成為可能和電路簡歷正常的操作。 為了取得重要的能力儲蓄Bthe初級輸入行必須被堵塞。 因此Bthis 程式只對輸出線不依靠的FSMs 適用 直接在初級輸入行(即,莫爾FSMs)上。 這是對這種方法的嚴厲的限制。 解決這問題Btechniques 當地把粉狀的FSM 改變成莫爾FSM被給在裡 [4]. 考慮圖2(A)的粉狀的FSM的狀態轉換圖(STG)。 因為生產所有他們假裝相同的價值,國家s0的自循環可能被直接使用。 但是Bthe產量依靠輸入值而得到國家s1 Btherefore的自循環沒有時鐘脈波門是可能的。 STG可能被如圖2(b)中所示改變到等價物一Bwhere 說明s1已經被分成國家s1a 和s1b。 時鐘脈波門對于在這些國家中的每個的自循環現下是可能的。

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