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1979年4月7日出生於英格蘭的Dorset郡,13歲時隨母親搬到South Devon郡的Sidmouth,唸了一年戲劇後,唐肯在歌唱事業上初試啼聲,開始在度假村裡隨一些樂團駐唱,但他表示那只是玩票性質的胡混罷了,因為一群毛頭小子根本闖不出什麼名堂。但謝天謝地,在遇見安東尼之後,唐肯終於離開了自溺的小天地,展開Blue的2001傳奇之旅。

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    On April 7, 1979 was born to England's Dorset county, when 13 years old moved to South Devon county along with the mother Sidmouth, after read a year play, Tang K'en in sang at the enterprise the preliminary test cry, started to be stationed in the country club along with some philharmonic orchestras sings, but he expressed that only was works as a volunteer the nature loiter, because group of babies boys could not rush any positive result. But thankss heaven and earth, after meets Antony, Tang was willing finally to leave the small world which committed suicide by drowning, launched Blue travel of the 2,001 legends

    如果有錯誤 請包涵..

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    The 7 sunrises of April of 1979 get after England of Dorset county, hour of 13 years old moving the Sidmouth of the county of South Devon with the mother, reading for a year, drama, Tang be willing to the first attempt 啼 voice in singing the business, the beginning halts to sing with some bands in spending a holiday village, but he indicates that just the amateur property to do lazy job just, basically could not rushing because of a group of hair a boy what title.But thank the day to thank the ground, after meeting Anne the east 尼 , Tang is willing to leave finally from the little world of the 溺 , launching Blue 2001 trip of the legendses.

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