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拜託~幫我編一篇有關"風景名勝"或"觀光景點"的對話(可以介紹 山,夜市,古蹟,建築物.....的).

*對話內容須提到 ---





P.S 必須是一問一答的方式.


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    A:Are you ready to go to shihlin night market with me?

    B:What's that?

    A:Come on,night market!Don't know anything about that?


    A:Give me a break!You can't visit Taipei without going to night market!

    B:Ok,ok.Just tell me.

    A:Shihlin night market is the biggest and best night markets in Taipei.There is a great place for local, selling handicrafts such as tespots and bamboo knickknacks, clothes, traditional Chinese toys, and other souvenirs.At night,people just like to come out and walk, grandparents, kids, everyone!


    A:And the food is the best part of it. The roadside stalls also sell a variety of local snacks and fruits.My favorite dishes are squid soup, oyster omelete and Taiwanese style egg roll.

    B:I can't wait to go.

    A:Best of all,you can always talk things down upwards of 40% off what they are asking or marking always a 10% off trust me.

    B:That is wondeful.It seems that there are many things to look at, smell, and enjoy. And a fun way to know about the local life.

    A:Yap.I loved the atmosphere of the place.Once you have experienced one you'll never want to leave.

    B:So waht are we waiting for?Let's go!

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