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自轉桶攪拌(rotating tank type mixer)

螺旋槳攪拌(propeller type mixer)

滾筒攪拌 (drum roller type mixer)

黏度 (viscosity)

精密鑄造 (Investment Casting )

陶殼模 (Ceramic Shell Mold)

矽膠液 (Colloidal Silica)

面漿 (primary slurry)

鋯粉 (Zircon Flour )



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    Dr.eye: Accurate to cast pottery shell thick liquid because main composition zirconium powder particle their size 300mesh the mould, extremely tiny to cohere pharmaceutical mix moist, mix course control more than parameter fully with silica gel liquid while being difficult, therefore influence surface thick liquid and quality stability.

    Dr.eye: Whether research this examine by quantity surface thick liquid viscosity, pH value and temperature change is it probe into 3 daily of thick liquid mix the way to come. Dr.eye: Rotation barrel mix, screw mix and benefit of mixing that cylinder mix, by way of seeking the best and most steady surface thick liquid to mix.

    Dr.eye: The result of study shows: Rotation barrel is it invite 6hr can is it stabilize viscosity value to reach to mix, only viscosity difficult goal value set up to reach.

    Dr.eye: The screw is mixed to invite 8hr to reach and stabilize viscosity value, only stabilizing value consistency is difficult.

    Dr.eye: The cylinder is mixed to invite 16hr to reach the viscosity setting up value, although time is relatively long, the viscosity stable state has the best consistency.

    Dr.eye: Specialized noun: The rotation barrel mixing (rotating tank type mixer) The screw mixing (propeller type mixer) The cylinder mixing (drum roller type mixer) Viscosity (viscosity) Cast accurately (Investment Casting ) Shell mould of the pottery (Ceramic Shell Mold) Silica gel liquid (Colloidal Silica) A piece of thick liquid (primary slurry) Zirconium powder (Zircon Flour )

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