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什麼是kirschner value?

食品化學裡面的油脂品質鑑定中有一個kirschner value,請問這是什麼?


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    Kirschner value is the number of milliliters of 0.1 N aqueous alkali that are required to neutralize the water-soluble volatile fatty acids which form water-soluble silver salts distilled from 5 grams of the fat under the precise conditions specified in the method. Kirschner value 是以 0.1 N 鹼水溶液中和水溶性具揮發性脂酸師需的量 (通常少於四個碳的酸 如丁酸)做法:稱5克脂肪以 NaOH 水解 反應後酸化 蒸餾  蒸餾出來物 再以 氫氧化銀滴定所得之值

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