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(6)This is a loose term IS professionals use to describe any distribution of data and applications between a server and its clients. (7)This includes allowing users to access data remotely but process it locally. (8)The sever is a computer, usually a powerful PC or a minicomputer, that serves the clients-the user’s PCs-by storing database and managing remote access communications. (9)Users can use applications on their own PCs to process data copies form the server. (10)In a client/server network, software may run not only on a host, but wherever it makes most sense. (11)In fact, software can process” cooperatively” on various computers across the network.



(1)" user’s " 改成 " users'PCs "

(2)有誰知道 " process” cooperatively”"這個是什麼意思丫

Update 2:



Update 3:

" computer "解釋為"電腦",不要解釋為"計算機",謝謝你

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    6)這是一鬆散開庭期間專業人士使用描述數據和應用在一個伺服器和它的客戶之間的任何分發。 (7)這包括允許用戶遙遠訪問數據,但是當地處理它。 (8)切斷在計算機,通常是強有力PC 或者小型計算機,接待那些客戶user s 以PC 儲存數據庫並且管理聯繫遠程訪問。 (9)用戶能使用關於他們自己的PC 給分理數據的應用複製形成伺服器。 (10)用一個客戶機/伺服器網路,軟體可以運轉,不僅在一位主人身上,而且它很有意義。 (11)實際上,軟體在穿過網路的各種各樣的計算機上罐裝process〃cooperatively〃。


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