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? asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

英文 / 過去分詞 v-en 跟現在分詞 v-ing 的用法

1.Before we make the decision, you have to show us some more ( A. convincing B. convinced) stats. 答案是 A

2. It is very (A. frustrating B. frustrated) to realize that so many government officials are nothing but crooks. 答案是 A

請問 v-ing 跟 v-ed 要怎麼分阿?


第二題的答案是 frustrating ,不是 frustrated耶

為什麼你的解釋是寫 frustrated?

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    過去分詞 v-en當形容詞的時候 是用來形容事物帶給人的感受

    現在分詞 v-ing當形容詞的時候 是用來形容事物

    所以像1. 的states是物(我想你應該是少打了個e)所以就用convincing來形容

    sorry之前看錯了!我以為是選b 害我覺得怪怪的


    一樣是用來形容事情--so many government officials are nothing but crooks--這件事

    就跟it is interesting to participate in that game.一樣


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