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" explain " 是什麼意思?

" explain " 是什麼意思?

" explain " 是什麼意思?

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    ] vt. (及物動詞 transitive verb)解釋;說明;闡明[(+to)][+wh-][+(that)]He explained that he had been cheated.他解釋說他是上當受騙了。Can you explain how the machine operates?你能解釋一下這機器是如何運轉的嗎?Please explain this rule to me.請給我講解一下這條規則。為...辯解;說明...的理由(或原因)[+wh-]He made up a story to explain why he was absent.他編造了一個故事為他的缺席辯解。vi. (不及物動詞 intransitive verb)解釋;說明;辯解I've got to explain about it.我得解釋一下此事。

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    英文解釋:1.To make something clear so that it is easier to understand.

    2.To give a reason for something.

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    KK: [        ]DJ: [         ]vt.1. 解釋;說明;闡明[(+to)][+wh-][+(that)]2. 為...辯解;說明...的理由(或原因)[+wh-]vi.1. 解釋;說明;辯解

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