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Pigu asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago

急~徵求英文高手幫我翻譯這一段 (中翻英) 拜託 (20點)






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  • 九.
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    2 decades ago
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    After so many lectures in this semester, I think the China Trust lecture, the last Franklin Fund lecture, and the professor's first lecture regarding financial licenses gave me the deepest impression.

    The theme of the China Trust lecture was regarding fianancial planners, which is also one of the careers I wish to pursue in the future. That lecture allowed me to understand the hardness of being a fianacial planner, the required qualities, and the expansions from this profession.

    The Franklin Fund lecture was about investment banking. It let me understood the tips of investment, risk management is very important. I still remember the 30 million he gave me, no matter what career I will pursue in the future, investment is one method to increase my asset. No matter whether I invest in funds, stocks, or futures, as long as I operate in the right way, my asset will increase naturally.

    I have also benefitted a lot from the lecture regarding financial licenses. I am a commerce student and I will have to get my licenses after graduation. That lecture let me understood the importance of licneses and the methods to pass their examinations. Now I can start preparing for it earlier instead of worrying where to start in the future.

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  • 北北
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    2 decades ago

    這學期的這麼多場演講,我覺得中國信託跟最後一場富蘭克林基金還有老師第一次上課講的金融證照最讓我印象深刻。  So many field of term lecture, I think China trust have with the last Franklin fund teacher financial certificates spoken to give a lesson make me to be with deep impression most for the first time.中國信託那場主題是理財專員,正好是我將來想從事的行業之一,那場演講讓我了解到從事理財專員的辛苦跟必須的條件以及理財專員的發展性。 China trust the theme to manage money matters the commissioner, it is I that want trade that engaged in one of in the future just, is it let I know work hard with necessary terms and manage money matters from reason wealth commissioner commissioner expansionary to lecture that.富蘭克林基金那場講的是投資理財,讓我了解到投資的訣竅,避險的重要,他給我的三千萬我到現在還記得,將來不管從事什麼行業,投資是讓資產增加的方法之一,不管是基金、股票還是期貨,只要操作得當,自然就會增加資產。Franklin fund the one that say to make the investment and manage money matters, let me know the key of investment, avoid the dangerous importance, I still remember 30 million that he gave to me till now, no matter what trade does it engaged in in the future, it makes the investment to be to let method that assets increase one of, no matter the fund, stock or futures, so long as it is apt to operate, will increase the assets naturally.金融證照也是讓我受益良多,自己是商學院的學生,將來畢業一定會需要考證照,那堂課讓我了解證照的重要性以及考證照的方法,可以讓我及早準備,不用讓我到時候不知如何開始。Financial certificates let me derive much benefit too, oneself is students of the business school, it is sure to need to criticize of a text and shining to graduate in the future, the lesson let I importance to understand certificates and criticize of a text method that shine, can let me prepare early, needn't let me time for wondering how to begin.

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