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    This action movie is rated PG. 這部動作片是保護級的 This horror film is rated X. 這部恐怖片是限制級的 Two for "Tarzan" please. 請給我兩張’泰山’ 的電影票 This tickets are sold out. 票都已賣光了 When is the next showing? 下一場放映什麼時間呢? Let's wait for the second-run, then. 我們等第二輪放映時再看吧! action movies 動作片 PG (parental guidance) 保護級horror film 恐怖片 Tarzan 泰山be sold out 賣光了 X 限制級 showing 放映 second-run 第二輪 (放映)  

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    hello. 片名,時間場次,幾張


    hello.. harry porter at 2 pm for 3 adults , please

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