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Hanna asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



It is one of the selling points of the news in performing circles to be false and has been overstating all the time , but overstate improper criticism excessivly , will ruin the social conduct , cause bad demonstration, Yu should only in sons in Tian the depressed,but overstate every media with the ' insane ', ' go mad ',etc. wording report, this hurts one's feeling even more than words that are evaluated, the program should attract audience by this kind of content that ' the actor make a scene ', really it's time .

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    My compliment for trying. Here's my version, compare mine and the others', and pick the one you like. If you need additional help, email me.

    Phony and exaggeration have always been the characteristics of the entertainment news; however, over-exaggeration and inappropriate criticism are negative demonstration of journalism that can lead to degrading social morale. For example, in reality, Tu Tian's son was simply experience depression, but media uses words like "crazy" and "mentally distrubed" to describe his condition. Such distasteful comments hurts they victim more than a simple criticism. Furthermore, it is unacceptable to use entertainers' tragedy as advertisement for any TV show.

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  • helen
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    演藝圈 show business



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