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大辣楓 asked in 教育與參考出國留學 · 1 decade ago


因為要條件式入學,我要自己申請,請問申請表格,包含supplemental graduate application for inrternational students和international student application和documentation of financial for intenational students 我去下載這3個表格,這樣對嗎?還需要哪些?或是其中幾個就好? 語言的我已經用好了,住宿是要等通知在去申請嗎?還是要一起申請?希望有經驗的說明一下




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  • 1 decade ago
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    Since now you are still in the process of "application", then you shouldn't worry about the accommodation yet.

    For proper application procedure, you should send the application form with related supporting documents(such as financial and language ability), university transcripts, reference letters, CV and study plans.

    So, it's too early to talk about the accommodation stuffs since you have not been accepted yet. Once you are accepted (no matter you are conditional or full-acceptance), the university will inform you of housing, registration and so forth stuffs.

    Good luck!

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