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    Endure rice medical science It is to endure the rice to endure rice medical science(1/1 billion meters, nine powers of defeats of ten) Material, design, or diagnosis of applying to disease of technology and treating of the size. Endure rice to be medicine little can pass through cell's membrane enter cells, it can change the behavior of the gene, combine etc. with the protein ing. The national hygiene research institute of Taiwan has already established enduring the rice medical r esearch center in 2005.  Whether U.S.A. NIH endure rice research tendency have three 2004. (1)Strengthen image technology, can find the symptom promptly at disease more early stage. (2)Is it treat law newly to develop, send medicine specific goal, shine after heating via infrared light and then, release medicines. (3)Look for better moving plants, the plant changes and endures the rice particle to move being artificial, promote its durability and inclusive degree of living beings.  奈米醫學奈米醫學是將奈米(十億分之一米,十的負九次方)大小的材料、設計、或技術運用到疾病的診斷與治療。奈米藥物小而能穿越細胞薄膜進入細胞,它能改變基因的表現、與蛋白質結合等。台灣的國家衛生研究院已於2005年成立奈米醫學研究中心。美國2004年NIH的奈米研究動向有三項:(1)加強影像技術,能在疾病更早期階段即發現症狀。(2)開發新治療法,將藥物送到特定的目標,再經由紅外光照射加熱後,釋放出藥物。(3)尋找更好的移植物,把人造移植物變成奈米顆粒,並增進其耐用性及生物相容度。

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