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    歌名 Not insane演唱者 Mariah Carey and Whitney HoustonP.S. MADtv 戲弄 Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston 的歌 (好好笑) ;-)歌詞 Mariah: If you smokin' rock cocaine

    And some skunky weed

    And that batch of basement crank

    Caused your eyes to bleed

    And your husband is a pain

    And your latest album- is sitting in

    The "half-off" bin

    Dont you stress

    Tell the press (ooooh yeah)

    I swear to God I'm not insane

    Though the voices in my brain

    Tell me I'm the queen of Spain

    And I fly a horse drawn-sleigh

    To a spaceship where I pray

    To a monkey made of clay

    And his name is José

    Nonetheless, I'm not insane

    If you're aroused easily

    By a man who's on ecstasy

    Or you lose it on TV

    Like when I stripped on TRL

    Take a good look at me

    I kept it together

    Although my weight, does fluctuate

    Here on out

    Go ahead and shout

    Whitney & Mariah: I swear to God, I'm not insane!

    Mariah: I'm engaged to a great dane!

    Whitney: Fill my bootay, with champagne, yeah!

    Mariah: All my shoes are made of hay!

    Whitney: I work for the CIA!

    Mariah: I invented Arbor day!

    Whitney: I wear a hat, made of bengay

    Mariah: Nonetheless, I'm not (Goes cross eyed in order to hit high note) Insaaaaane!

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    婀 確實是沒有"這首歌"


    是改編自瑪麗亞凱莉的Through the rain(走過風雨)

    最後那段嗚嗚嗚上去的高音好美 原版都沒有 惡搞版還這麼用心=口=

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