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第一次催收信給, 催收100,000台電腦的貨款並抱怨這種拖欠的情況對你們很不方便.

設計一個傳單, 內容是為你的公司 MC Ltd.宣傳最後換季清倉大拍賣.


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    Can use the way that the business uses English letter for me...Write down to face 3...Feel grateful the 阿 ...Urge to accept to believe for the first time to, urge to accept 100,000 payments of computerses and complains this kind of condition that bears debt inconvenient to you. Design a handbill, the content is your company MC Ltd.The publicity end change of season clearance sale.Six kinds of different business that please list and explain the company and will handle everyday trades the document

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    以前當英文老師時 也沒看過學生有這麼多錯誤的文章

    難得 難得

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    亂翻一通還被評價正面?? 大家都瘋了

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