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uncle sean asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

Storm Puts Crimp

Storm Puts Crimp in Rose Bowl ParkingAlthough the rains have stopped, Pasadena will limit parking at its Brookside Golf Course for Wednesday's Rose Bowl game to avoid problems with the storm-drenched sod, an official said this morning.All those who have purchased parking passes will be guaranteed a space, but some will be sent by police to alternate sites, said Anne Erdman, public information officer for the city of Pasadena.

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    所有已購買停車證的 民眾還是保證有地方停 ,不過不是在原來的地方,警方會替民眾找到替代的停車位置。該市新聞官員Anne Erdman做了以上表示

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    雖然雨已經停了 ,但是巴莎迪那將為了週三羅斯運動場比賽對布魯克塞高爾夫球場的停車作限制措施, 以避免被暴風雨浸濕的草坪發生問題.


    所有已購買停車證的人將保證有停車位 , 但有些會被警察帶到替代的停車地點.

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