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1.Act of God:An unpredictable situation which is beyond the power of man. A natural event, not preventable by any human power, such as flood, such as flood, storms, or lightning. Forces of nature that a carrier has no control over and therefore cannot be held responsible.

2.Agency Fees:Fees charged by agent who have attended to the ship’s business during her stay at the port. In most maritime countries, there are fixed scales of charges (tariffs)covering agency work. The fees, usually, vary according to the size and nature of the cargo, as well as the ship’s tonnage.

3.All Time Saved Both Ends:working time saved at both ends-used in connection with dispatch. It means that dispatch will be paid for all time saved.

4.All Told:that the capacity given represents the total deadweight capacity, including bunkers, water, provisions, dunnage, stores, spares etc.

5.Annual survey:Survey which a ship is obliged(according to the classification society’s rules)to undertake annually.

6.Arrival Notice:A notification by carrier of ship’s arrival to the consignee the “Notify Party,” and – when applicable – the “Also Notify Party. “ These parties in interest are listed in blocks 3, 4 and 10, respectively. (Local in Southwest.)

7.Assignment:A term commonly used in connection with a bill of lading. It involves the transfer of rights, title and interest in order to assign goods by endorsing the bill of lading.

8.ATDNSHINC:Any Time Day or Night Sunday & Holidays INCluded.(Chartering terms.)

9.Average:See insurance.

10.Bagged Cargo:Various kinds of commodities usually packed in sacks or in bags, such as sugar, cement, milk powder, onion, grain, flour, etc.


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    1.不可抗力︰力所不能及是人的的一種無法預言的情勢。 一次自然的事件,透過任何人力不可預防,象洪水那樣,例如洪水,風暴或者閃電。 一名搬運工不能控制的自然的力量因此不能負責任。

    2.代理費︰在她的停留期間在港口已經處理ship s 生意的代理人收費的費。 在非常海上的國家,有包括代理的固定的收費比例(關稅)工作。 費用,通常,根據這批貨物,以及ship s公頓位的尺寸和自然變化。

    3.並非全部時間都救都結束︰救的工作時間在都結束使用迅速在連接。 它表明發送將被支付永久儲蓄。


    5.年度調查︰一艘船被(根據分類society s規章)迫使每年承擔的調查。

    6.到達通知︰一通知以ship s到達在收貨人uNotify 黨,v 和適用的V uAlso 通知黨什麼時候的V的搬運工。 這些在興趣裡的聚會的u被在第3,4 和10塊列舉,分別。 (在西南方本地.)

    7.有關一張提單通常使用的任務︰一個時期。 它與權利,標題的轉移有關,為了透過簽署提單分發貨物,使感興趣。

    8.ATDNSHINC︰任何時候天或者夜晚星期日& 假期包括。 (包租條件.)


    10.把貨物︰或者在袋裡的通常裝進大袋的各種各樣的商品裝入袋中, 例如糖,水泥,牛奶粉,洋蔥,穀類,面粉,等等

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