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如果愛 英文 劇情簡介



誰能夠幫我翻這一段 ..

不用完全一樣 就文法要對^________^*

謝謝喔 !!


謝謝喔 !!


不好意思 再補幾句


謝謝 !! :D

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    1995 Beijing, read the movie Lin Chientung to meet the grandson natrium which performed in the song-and-dance troupe; Male thought when directs, the female hope steps onto silver in front of the radiant big firefly curtain. Two people once in iced up in the lake closely hugged in the same place, this kind fell in love the feeling, the deep deep brand mark in Lin Chientung heart, he deeply believed Sun Nachiu was in his life complete. East however, Sun Nach'uen chooses drops out the love, the use sees recommending, goes to man which can help her to become famous.

    As soon as shook is ten years, Lin Chientung and Sun Natu has separately become the big star east, saw cannot dismiss from mind to ten year ago recollection, but the grandson natrium looked like completely erases had remembered, originally she already decided, became famous after her, Sun Natsai was not the before grandson natrium...

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