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有50個單字幫我解釋一下,audit,balance,bank transfer,board of directors,bookkeeper,booming,branch,brochure,budget,capital expenditure,client,colleague,computer programmer,construction company,consultant,contact,contract,coordinator,corporation,cost-effective,creditor,courier,customer service,degree,delegate,depot,deputy,despatch,devaluation,director,discount,distribution,domestic,draft,engineer,estimate,executive,export,ex works,finance department,financial statement,flexitime,FOB,forwarder,fund,GNP,goods,gross figure,heavy manufacturing,human resources department,import,英文強的幫幫忙嚕!!

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    audit  稽核

    balance  平衡

    bank transfer 存入銀行移動

    board of directors 董事會

    bookkeeper 簿記員

    booming 急速發展

    branch 部門

    brochure 說明書

    budget 預算

    capital expenditure 首都開支

    client 客戶

    colleague 同事

    computer programmer 電腦程式設計師

    construction company 建築公司

    consultant 顧問

    contact 聯絡

    contract 契約

    coordinatorcorporation 協調者

    cost-effective 公司

    creditor 有成本效益的

    courier 債權人

    customer service 急件遞送人

    degree 消費者服務

    delegate 程度

    depot 代表

    deputy 停車場

    despatch 代理人

    devaluation 派遣

    director 貶值

    discount 指導者

    distribution 優惠

    domestic 分配

    draft 傭人

    engineer 草稿工程師

    estimate 估計

    executive 主管

    export 輸出

    ex works ex作品

    finance department 融資部門

    financial statement 財務報表

    flexitime flexitime

    FOB 錶袋

    forwarder 運送者

    fund 基金


    goods 貨物

    gross figure 總數數字

    heavy manufacturing 重的製造業的 

    human resources department 人力資源部門

    import 進口

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    EX Work=之前的工作(我推測的)


    FOB=free on board 船上交貨價格




  • 2 decades ago


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