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一場足球比賽分為上、下半場。上、下半場的法定時間各為四十五分鐘,而在上、下半場之間的休息時間為十五分鐘。到了法定時間後,球證可因應在比賽停頓所浪費的時間而補時。(根據球例: 換一個球員,補時三十秒)在一些比賽,若果兩隊在九十分鐘的法定時間內都不能分出勝負,會加時作賽。加時上半場及加下半場各為十五分鐘,在加時上半場完結後不會休息,會直接進入加時下半場的比賽。比賽前以擲硬幣的方式來決定那一隊先開球。



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    在比賽前每一隊的人數一定要是十一人,若在比賽時其中一隊的人數少於七個人,則該比賽會立即結束,而勝方則是多於七人的那隊。Each team must start every game with eleven players. If any team has fewer than seven players during the match, the game will be stopped and victory is awarded to the team with more than seven players.普遍的球賽的後備球員是五個,可換的名額為三個。但有一些球賽(表演賽或友誼賽)的後備以及可換名額不限。還有在歐洲冠軍球會杯及歐洲足聯杯的賽事,後備名額為七人,可換名額則是三人。Typically, games are played with five substitutes, from which three can be used. However some matches, such as exhibition and friendlies, do not have such restrictions and many substitutions can be made. In European matches such as the Champions League and UEFA Cup, seven substitutes are allowed, with three changes allowed.一




    後不會休息,會直接進入加時下半場的比賽。比賽前以擲硬幣的方式來決定那一隊先開球。A football match is divided into two halves, each lasting 45 minutes, with a 15 minute break inbetween. Once the regulated time is up, the referee has the authority to allow injury time (according to the rules, 30 seconds will be added for every susbstitute). In some competitions, if the match is drawn after normal time, extra time is played. In extra time, two halves are played, each lasting 15 minutes, with no interval. Before each match, a coin is tossed to determine which side starts with the ball.

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    Before it is in having a match number of every team will certainly if 11,if while having a match less than people of seven pieces of one team of number not among them, will be over to should have a match that team of the s immediately , but the victor is many Yu Qi. Reserve sportsmen of general ball match are five, planned numbers that can be changed are three. But some balls matches (exhibition competition or friendly match ) are reserve and can change planned numbers and does not restrict . Know the cup and Uefa cup game in European champion's ball, the reserve planned number is seven people, it is three people to change the planned number. A football match is divided into , the second half. Have, legal time of the second half one minute each, but in have , for one minute break in the second half. After reaching legal time, but ball card because should be while competing and stopping the time wasted and mending . (According to the ball example: Change one sportsman, when mending one second), compete in some, if fruit two teams can tell the win and defeat within legal time of 90 minutes, will add and have a match hour. While adding in the first half and add the second half is each 15 minutes, can have a rest after finishing first half while adding , will enter the match in the second half while adding directly. Determine that team by way to throw coin and kick off first before the match.

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