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文法!every的使用方法?(Please hurry)

every的用法??(請簡单一奌讓我比較好懂~3Q?Please hurry)

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    1.every +名詞(單數可數名詞)

    Every student in the classroom will get a book.

    Every one of us was surprised at the breaking news.


    -->當主詞 Every day is a happy day for me.

    -->當副詞 I go to work every day.

    3.用every時, 必須所指的人事物有三者以上

    如果只有兩個, 則要用each (每一個)-->用於兩者以上(含三者以上)

    Each of the twin brothers is laughing at me.

    Each of the students likes English.

    4.every後面如果接兩個名詞, 仍用單數動詞

    --> Every boy and girl likes ice cream.

    5.every+單數名詞, 為單數名詞, 後面如果接代名詞, 應為單數代名詞, 但口語中長接複數代名詞

    -->Every boy loves his school.(正式用法)

    -->Every boy loves their school. (口語用法)

    Source(s): Me &文馨新觀念英漢辭典
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