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英文翻譯 謝絕翻譯軟體 希望大家幫忙 謝謝

記憶中我從來不愛唸書 功課平平的我總是得不到老師的喜愛

永遠都記得第一次參加畫畫比賽得獎的那種滿足 能讓自己覺得驕傲的感覺

我開始愛上藝術 我愛剪剪貼貼 喜歡用有限顏色的蠟筆畫畫 當我沈膩在色彩之中

心中不斷湧出的開心 即腦袋裡不斷運轉的靈感 彷彿我的世界只有快樂

藝術讓人忘了煩惱 忘了難過 每一個顏色彷彿都有他的魔力

每次我看見人們看著藝術品的快樂表情 我告訴自己有一天我要努力讓所有人開心


藝術品所傳達的不只是美麗 每個藝術品都有他的故事 他的情感


平面設計聯繫著每個人每天的生活 當我們所見的東西都是美好

我想大家都會很快樂 所以我希望有一天我能成為平面設計師


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    As far as I can remember, I've never liked studying. Being an average student with average grades, I never had a teacher who liked me. I always remember the satisfying feeling I got when I first won an award for an art competition. That feeling that makes one feel proud. I started to fall in love with art. I love to cut and paste, and I like to draw with colour crayons. When I get soaked in colours, my heart spills out never-ending happiness and inspirations tumble around non-stop in my mind. It's like there's only happiness in my world. Art makes people forget their worries, forget their sadness. Every colour seems to have its own magic power within. Every time I see the happiness people get when they admire arts, I tell myself that one day, I will try hard to make everyone happy. I hope one day I will be able to create more wonders and happiness. Artworks not only convey beauty, but also with each and every artwork, there is its own story and feelings inside, subtly passing on a undescribable sensation. Graphic designing has everything to do with everyone's daily life. When everything we see is nice, I guess people would be happy. So I hope one day I would become a graphic designer, so that everyone's life would be surrounded by great objects.


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    In the memory I always do not like studying, The schoolwork is averageI always obtain teacher's affection.

    Forever all remembered,The first participation paints pictures that kind which competes rewards to satisfy Can let oneself think the arrogant feeling

    I start to fall in love with art,I like narrow-mindedly paste,Likes painting pictures with the limited color wax pencil

    When my Shen Ni in color,In the heart unceasingly gushes out happiness,Namely in the head unceasingly revolves inspiration, My world only has as if joyfully

    Art let the person forget the worry,Forgot to feel bad, Each color as if all has his charm

    Each time,I see,The people look at the artware the joyful expression.

    I tell oneself,One day,I must diligently let all people be happy.

    I hoped one day,I can create more beautiful and am joyful

    The artware transmits not only is beautiful, Each artware all has his story, His emotion

    The marvelous transmission one kind the feeling which is unable to say a word.

    Plane design,Relation each person's daily life,When we see the thing all is happy

    I thought everybody can be very joyful, Therefore,I hoped one day me to be able to become the plane designer

    Enable everybody the life all happy to surround the happy goods.

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    ㄟ那是獻上翻譯軟體翻譯的對吧..........不過還是謝謝你喔 因為他很重要所以我希望英文能力好的人可以幫幫我 謝謝大家拉

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    I love to study the homework never in the memory so-so I always can not get the teacher's fancyAll remember forever to attend to paint the game to win a prize for the first time of that kind of satisfy and can let the oneself feel proud feelingI start being in love with the art, I love to shear to post to like to use the wax pen of the limited color to paint to be my in the colorGush continuously in the heart of happy the inspiration that revolve continuously in head namely seems to my world to only have the happinessThe art let the person forget the agony to forget sad each color to seem to all have his magicEach time I see the happy facial expression that the people see the art object, I tell the oneself the one fine day me to want to work hard to make the owner happyI hope one day I can create more beautieses and happinessWhat art object inform is much more than only beautiful and each art objects to have his story his emotionInform marvellously a kind of can't speech of feelingFlat surface the design contacts the life of everyone's everyday to be us the things that see are all fineI miss everyone would be very happy so I hope one day I can become the flat surface designerLet everyone of living can surround the fine article finely

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