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請幫我翻譯一下,謝謝!! 勿使用線上翻譯 感恩阿 !!!



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    In recent years、the university education of Taiwan、the need of You's political economic development in Taiwan、in realistic goal that develop first、economy assume command govern、make university education of Taiwan become to form professional and technical personnel、although can cultivate the professional and technical personnel in time、with the need of the short distance goal of the social development. But for a long time、because has paid attention to the reaching of purpose excessively、lacking the foresight、make the entity of the university lose to the limit、people's entity also exhaust. Because the changes of the society、pluralistic impact of innovation、change of the industrial structure、values of knowledge、and the higher education market opens、the homogeneity of the university results in competing too high fiercely、in addition、such predicaments as education funds are tightenned gradually、make university education different from the past. Stand in great numbers to the domestic university at present、university student's situation in the all over street、former Academia Sinica's vice-president incumbent Buddha only humane college's of sociology lecture professor's the Yang 's' pivot is especially appealed for、should return to the basic side、will pay close attention to looking over the importance of the idea of the university from the beginning、point out four ideas of university in order to make a self-criticism in the place remained to improve in university education of Taiwan: Firsth、

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    always take a photograph of in the universe - the university should contain mankind's academic knowledge and department of main institute of the universe of the thought;

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    Second、combine and innovate - the university should be a main place that shut all kinds of academic knowledge and thought in interconnected system; Third、 pursue being outstanding - the university is that the university asks the main cultivation of family、great thinker、and big intellectual;

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    Fourth、criticize in the society - the university is offer for social culture of reality criticizing with the ideal main community.

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