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四 The Master Tooling and Process Support departments use CAM software to generate tool paths to machine all the tools needed for a particular ring design. SDRC’s CAMAND gives Jostens the flexibility and control for programming a variety of machine tools on the production floor. The CAM software’s 3-5 axis programming capabilities enable Jostens to achieve it’s goal to provide the best quality product to it’s customers. CNC programmers at Jostens have developed an integrated process which utilizes many machine tools to provide significant time savings along the road to the final production part. By combining the use of multiple axis mills, wire EDM, and plunge EDM, Jostens saves a great deal of time. This helps the company to provide the customer with a high quality product at a lowest possible cost.

Simulation and Verification: A Key to Efficient Manufacturing

五 One of the most important steps to minimizing expenses and ensuring a quality part in the entire production process is verifying that the NC tool path is correct before attempting to machine the part. The traditional test, re-program, and test again cycle is much too inefficient for Jostens’ operation. Therefore, after the toolpath has been generated, the G/M code is verified using VERICUT simulation and verification software from CGTech.

六 VERICUT provides simulation capabilities for the all the 3-5 axis and wire EDM parts, with focused control over the orientation of our 5-axis machine tool including the cutters used on that machine. "VERICUT simulates the motions of our 5-axis mill accurately enough to nearly eliminate the need to mill test parts. VERICUT also prevents any crashes with the mill since any abnormal movement in the G/M code will show up in the simulation," says Eric Smith, Master Tooling Engineer.

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    四、主人用工具工作和程序支持部門使用凸輪軟體產生工具路徑以機器製造所有的工具對特別的戒指設計的需要。 SDRC 的 CAMAND 提供在生產地板上規畫多種機械工具的 Jostens 彈性和控制。 凸輪軟體的 3-5個軸規畫能力使 Jostens 能夠達成它是目標提供最好的品質產品給它是消費者。 CNC Jostens 的電腦程式設計師已經發展利用的一個整合的程序

    摹擬和證明: 有效率的製造業的關鍵

    五、將費用減到最少而且部份地在整個的生產程序確定一個品質的重要步驟之一正在確認網絡計算機工具路徑在嘗試以機器製造部份之前是正確的。 傳統的測試,再規劃,而且再一次測試週對 Jostens' 運算是更加太無效率的。 因此,在 toolpath 已經被產生之後, G/M 程式碼使用來自 CGTech 的 VERICUT 摹擬和證明軟體被確認

    六、VERICUT 提供摹擬能力給所有的 3-5 軸和線 EDM 部份,藉由對包括在那一個機器上被使用的線剪的我們的 5 軸機械工具的方位的焦點所在的控制。 ”VERICUT 正確地足夠模擬我們的 5 軸壓榨機的運動幾乎除去需要磨細測試部份。自從任何的異常運動以後, VERICUT 也用壓榨機避免任何的當機在 G/M 程式碼中將在摹擬出現,”艾力克史密斯,主人的用工具工作工程師說。

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