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    Snow In My Heart

    The loneliest of places, where falling snow,

    Is carried by soft winds across the plains,

    A world of white, a constant flow,

    Of cold, isolated, frozen rains.

    Layer upon layer of ice, of stone,

    Concealed by the black wings of lies,

    Lies that act happily, and keep unknown,

    The solitude of one who never flies.

    In eternal winter, the trees lay bare,

    With their arms reaching towards the sky.

    Sun behind clouds, trapped in its lair,

    In vain the trees shall ever try.

    With snow, the heart lies ridden,

    And when it melts, becoming spring,

    The truths within, no longer hidden,

    Allow flowers to grow and birds to sing.

    But hope, is to dream a dreamer’s dream,

    For I have long lost my humanity,

    Deep inside a cage it sleeps,

    As I fall prey to insanity…

    I want to stop and cry, to relieve the pain,

    But my eyes are closed and I am out of breath.

    I’ve lost everything and to my disdain,

    I discard my life and welcome in death.

    A cold statue, out in the storm,

    Standing, gazing towards the darkened skies,

    Lightning strikes, but he retains his form,

    Alone he lives, and alone he dies…

    Source(s): 我朋友...超愛寫詩的人
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