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Wey asked in 教育與參考考試 · 2 decades ago




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  • 2 decades ago
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    My name is Randy. I am sixteen years old and come from Taichung city. My interests are sufing(上網一定要用這個動詞) on the internet, playing all kinds of ball games, studying English and chatting up with beauties(用chicks太口語~小妞的意思~有輕蔑的感覺). My major is car-fixing.(有全名嗎~~是汽修科嗎我暫時先用這樣幫你翻) Although my English level is above the average in our class, I still hope my English could become better and better. In my rest high school term, I would like to make my great efforts to promote my English ability, so do the other subject matters(指各種術科). My goal is to pass the medium level of GEPT. In the future, I would like to take jobs relating with English in the future, like a translator(指各種紙筆類的翻譯者不須再特別註明小說) or an English teacher in cram school.


    2006-01-03 23:05:45 補充:

    翻譯有時候不能照他字面的意思翻~太口語的東西~要幫他修飾掉~我猜這應該是要給老師看的一份作業吧!!所以我才會幫他使用比較正式的用法!!還有Cram School~~是我們台灣本土的用法沒錯~~因為在國外沒有補習班!!所以在台灣使用Cram school就可以囉~謝謝你的指教!!互相切磋囉!!

    Source(s): 自己~~英文系的大學生
  • 2 decades ago


    surfing the web?

  • 2 decades ago

    My name is randy, i came from Taichung. I'm 16 years old, my hobbys are going on websites, playing basketball(你的打球應該是籃球吧),study English and chatting up with chicks. I'm now studying about cars. My English isn't too bad in my class, buy i wish i could do better. My goal from now on is pass GEPT level two. I wish i could have a job to do with English in the future, like a novel translator or an English teacher.P.S你....還是改改你的英文名字吧...randy這個字有粗俗淫蕩的意思....名詞有***或流浪漢....所以...你如果堅持不改的話那你一定要說my name is Randy不能說I'm Randy不然人家會以為你在說你很好色淫蕩....因為你後面有說你喜歡虧妹....

    2006-01-02 16:06:39 補充:

    你說虧妹難道沒有輕蔑的意思嗎?beauties未免也太文言文了點吧外國人沒在說cram school對他們來說cram是一個負面的詞.....只能說你的用詞太...不像高中生會用的詞....

    Source(s): 自己大腦
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