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    Van Gogh's picture can divide three periods

    1.It is his ' Holland period ' at first, in order that six is annual altogether from beginning to end (1880~1886), this is his long and hard apprentice period, model Israel and Palestine of study than loose to send for main fact, for instance the painters , such as Miller , Rousseau , Du PuRui ,etc., all that he often faces the target that rub . His subject matter is miner , peasant mostly, weave workers , village woman , even and paint from life scenery at this moment, the brush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy is big and heavy mostly, the tone is cloudy mostly, " person who eats potato " is a masterpiece of this one. Theorists think , the early picture wind of Van Gogh is the realism of Holland , have a kind of solid and simple aesthetic feeling

    2.The second period is his Paris period from 1886 to 1888, it was the impressionist on color , lines , composition , great revolutions of various fields of theme that influenced him to be biggest. Van Gogh's palette is getting distinct at this moment, the lines flow too, the cloudy realism in the North is over. " cover with garden , Matt of hillock " " Ruan link mermaid hotel , leaf of city " a kind of work ", been affected by , Bi ShaLuo ,etc., and that one of " Tang Ji's old father ", no matter the image or the background , show the flavor that market Japan draws again , has not found one's own real picture wind yet

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    3.The third period is from 1888 up to committing suicide in July of 1890 years, the circumstances that have short two and a half years only, but it is the period of full bloom of Van Gogh&#39;s art.

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    His skill has been already ripe at this moment, the big sun in the South burns gaudy his palette, burn living his lines, it is high-sprited to be full of to uneasy world moved , walk back and forth Buddha spouts and releases from the life.

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    Such as &quot; starlit night &quot;, the sky is lively, fall in human world , drawing the wind and already breaking away from the impressionist, and enter

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    expressionism;Another &quot; wheat field herds of crow &quot;, have one ominous beauty in being unusual, this Van Gogh masterpiece in front of the death, the crazy sense of oppressing before committing suicide, already as for the border that is symbolized.

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