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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. Western Christmas Day is that the Christian commemorates an important festival that Jesus emerges.

    2. It is their Easter to have another name called on Christmas Day.

    3. Certainly can't do without Santa Claus and some Christmas articles that can do something for the occasion on Christmas Day.

    4. He was called Nicholas by 4 kilometers and old persons in place in Holland more than 1600 years ago according to legend.

    5. Can join in the jubilation on Christmas Day.

    6. Can be full of loving and happiness too, Nicholas sends this method of the present to perform meritorious deeds never to be obliterated.

    7. Christmas tree ornament that celebrate Christmas Day too, little atmosphere that it does not have Christmas Day right away.

    8. After coming on Western Christmas Day, and then it is the New Year in our China too.

    9. Each Chinese regards the Spring Festival as in one year the most important festival.

    10. Good time that this seething with joy happiness reunites with friends of family especially constantly.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1.The Western world Christmas day is the Christian commemorates for an

    important holiday which Jesus is born

    2.Christmas day also the name is their Easter

    3.Christmas day certainly few Santa Claus and some might do for the

    occasion Christmas goods

    4.Hands down he is a Dutch eight miles places old personal name is

    called the Nicolas in more than 1,600 years ago

    5.The Christmas conserves energy can the worldwide celebration

    6.Also can fill likes with being happy, the Nicolas delivers gift

    this move to have lasting achievements

    7The Christmas tree also is always celebrates the Christmas day

    ornament, was short it not to have the Christmas day atmosphere

    8.After the Western world Christmas day arrives, follows closely also is

    our China's new year

    9.Each Chinese people all new year regard as the lunar calendar in a

    year the most important holiday

    10This jubilant happy time is the good time which reunites with the

    family member friend

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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