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可以幫我回答有關My fair lady的問題嗎~謝謝

II. At the beginning of the film, Mr. Higgins was taking down what people said in a very strange "language." What was that "language?" And by listening to what people said and how they said it, Mr. Higgins could tell where they were from. Why was that?

III. What are some characteristics of Eliza's speech? What's Higgins' reaction towards her speech?

IV. What plan did Mr. Higgins and Mr. Pickering have for Eliza? Do you think they would make it?

這是語概課的問題 偏偏那堂課我剛好沒去上 就沒看到My fair lady的影片了


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    II. The "language" means the different accets of English. Because he studied phonetics,

    and he could easily figure out where people come from by listening to their accents.

    III. Eliza pronounced with a very strong accent from the west London. Mr. Higgins

    thought why people can't teach their children how to speak, and he said that accent

    would keep Eliza in the street if she speaks like that.

    IV. They made Eliza practise different sounds, words and sentences. At the beginning

    Eliza couldn't say them in the right way, and she had to repeat for a thounsand times.

    But later Mr. Higgins asked Eliza to say things with the rhythm of the music, and she got it finally!


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    The story was set in London in 1912. At that time, England's social societies were divided into classes. Social clas refers to the hierarchical distinctions between groups in different societies. Social classes with more power like

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