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ex: A Christmas Carol(1843)--聖誕歌聲or小氣財神

1.The Pickwick Papers(1836)→

2.Oliver Twist(1837-1839)→

3.Nicholas Nickleby(1838-1839)→

4.The Old Curiosity Shop(1840-1841)→

5.David Copperfield(1849-1850)→

6.Bleak House(1852-1853)→

7.Hard Times(1854)→

8.A Tale of Two Cities(1859)→

9.Great Expectations(1860-1861)→

10.Our Mutual Friend(1864-1865)→

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  • hsuh
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    1 decade ago
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    1.The Pickwick Papers(1836)→匹克威克外傳

    2.Oliver Twist(1837-1839)→孤雛淚

    3.Nicholas Nickleby(1838-1839)→少爺返鄉

    4.The Old Curiosity Shop(1840-1841)→老古董店

    5.David Copperfield(1849-1850)→塊肉餘生記

    6.Bleak House(1852-1853)→荒涼山莊

    7.Hard Times(1854)→艱難時世

    8.A Tale of Two Cities(1859)→雙城紀

    9.Great Expectations(1860-1861)→遠大前程(電影譯為烈愛風雲)

    10.Our Mutual Friend(1864-1865)→我們共同的朋友

    Source(s): 網路-維基百科+自己看過其中幾本中文的
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  • 1 decade ago

    Bleak House(1852-1853)


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  • 1 decade ago


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  • 1 decade ago

    Great Expectations也翻成孤星血淚

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  • 1 decade ago

    1.The Pickwick Papers(1836)→Pickwick檔案

    2.Oliver Twist(1837-1839)→澳力佛扭曲

    3.Nicholas Nickleby(1838-1839)→尼克勒斯Nickleby

    4.The Old Curiosity Shop(1840-1841)→老的古玩店

    5.David Copperfield(1849-1850)→大衛‧科波菲爾

    6.Bleak House(1852-1853)→荒涼的房子

    7.Hard Times(1854)→真倒楣

    8.A Tale of Two Cities(1859)→兩座城市的故事

    9.Great Expectations(1860-1861)→巨大的預期

    10.Our Mutual Friend(1864-1865)→ 我們的共同朋友

    Source(s): ...
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