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Why do fish have covers .....

Why do fish have gill covers cover their gills? What will happen if they don't have gill covers?


WHY???????????? I need a scientific explanation.

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    fish have gill covers cover their gills for 2 purposes:1.) Regulate the intake-output water flow.2.) Protect against foreign objects from getting into the breathing system.

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    When I lived in Canada, did ice-fishing on frozen lakes in winter seasons. I love fishing!!!

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    They will drawn. It's part of the breath system, the fish takes water into its mouth then the water goes back through the gills. Then the gill cover flaps and the water runs out. This flow of water gives the fish oxygen, fishes are unable to breath adequately with just their mouth like you and me.hey will drawn. They will drawn. They will drawn. They will drawn. They will drawn.

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    the real fish expert popped out, do you fish in the snow? just curious.

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    i think they might die.

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