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幫我翻譯小篇幅的文章(中翻英) 急!!






非常急!! 拜託囉..幫我翻譯一下


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    Author foster in aunt Zhangs of house with Harry Potter, unexpected at the age of 11 to receive the notices of the magic school , find that unexpectedly oneself is the beginning of the story that the widely known , far-famed legendary figure is in magic world, have any mysterious thing to launch soon in another country , let people feel the curiosity very much to this following development of story, where which is sacred for Potter in Harry on earth? ! The author has introduced the friend who Harry Potter nevered leave each other in the magic school in the story: Honour kindness and wonderful and beautiful; Divine and cause trouble to Potter in Harry everywhere in stones and a lot of become a magic teacher course: Flight lesson, magic out of shape,etc.. Let readers understand again which interesting and thrilling things Harry Potter has happened in the magic school in depth. " secret of magic stone " is a key word of this part; Divine key personages who seems to be all these in the stone. How it will be Harry Potter and friend of him untie secret , magic of stone become the place of climax, the author lets people think that divining in the stone is a person that wanted to steal the magic stone with the complicated and confusing tactics, but actually someone else. Sense of humour and the most unique surprised risky content of making people split with laughter most are fascinating ! (rough melon: Person not knowing the magic )

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    The author places by the Harley baud in maternal aunt a ten feet

    family, when 11 years old the accident receives the black magic school

    the written notice, discovered oneself unexpectedly is in the black

    magic world widely known, the illustrious legendary character for the

    story beginning, what mystical matter also has in another state soon

    to launch, lets the person the development which receives to this

    story feel the extremely curiosity, which the Harley baud is sacred

    where? !

    The author introduced in the story the Harley baud the friend which

    always is together in the black magic school: Rong En and wonderful

    Li; Also has the divination everywhere to look for the Harley

    baud the trouble and many becomes the evil spirit master's curriculum:

    Flight class, distortion black magic and so on. Let the reader

    penetrate understood which the Harley baud has had interesting and the

    thrilling matter in the black magic school.

    "The black magic stone secret" is this volume of essential characters;

    the divination is this all essential characters as if. The

    Harley baud how and did his friends untie the black magic stone the

    secret to become this volume of highest tides place, the author have

    let the person using the technique of confusing think the

    divination was wants to steal away the black magic stone person, but

    actually has its person in addition. Most makes the sense of humor

    which one bursts out laughing and the most unprecedented after

    surprised risk content is fascinating! (Hemp melon: Cannot the black

    magic person)

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