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    The scale of Ancient Greek Theatre determines the actors exaggerated performance. They should speak up their lines, enlarge their movement, to make sure every single audience could see and hear their performance. Also, with the same reason, they can’t use props in small size, they need to point some object by hand signal. Ancient Greek Drama often have only two or three actors, that an actor always acts as several characters. And the same role in a play could be acted by different actors.

    Over a half of Ancient Greek Drama include music and dance. Chorus and Characters usually recites the rhyme articles with accompaniment.

    Costume and Mask

    The audience is very far from the stage, that the actors have to chance their costume and masks to make them more concentrate. Actors wear thicker based boots to make themselves look taller, sometimes they wear colorful gloves to get audience recognize.

    Mask is an icon of Ancient Greek Drama. In a play, each character uses a unique mask. These masks make with the flax or the cork, so none of them could retain until now; but we could see the shape and pattern of the masks on the ancient Greek paintings and sculptures. Masks used in tragedy are always express pain and mourn, and smiling faces or kind of evil are in comedy. The masks cover actors’ face and hair. It is proofed that the shape of the mask could project actors’ voice, to make them have penetrating power, to let audience listen clearly.

    Source(s): 我自己譯的,所以文法可能有錯;但戲劇專用名詞就會教為準確一點
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    "performanceAncient Greece's theatre de huge magnitude decide stardom de act had to want comparation exaggeration. They want loudness de recite tai word, greatly de make all sorts of's gesture, because nothing but this talent ensure the whole audience de audience all can see and hear their performance. Too be exactly start from same cause, act in often too can not use size compare small prop at drama, stardom want by gesticulate come raw an analogy point some's object. Ancient Greece's drama usual nothing but two to three actor, so an actor often want meanwhile personate several different role. But often in play de a role too can meanwhile cover several actor personate.Ancient Greece's drama most contain music and dance de element. Choir and role read aloud, recite de poesy all affixation accompaniment.Dress and maskBecause actor and audience de distance very zhi far, so actor had to continual replacing dress and mask come attract audience de pay attention to. Stardom take advantage of thick basic boots as make oneself looks high some, sometimes also want take color yan beauty de glove as make audience be able to identify own gesture.Mask is most have ancient's Greece's characteristic de symbolism in drama. In a drama, each's actor all have oneself unique mask. Masks go to in common use flax or cork make, so have no a be able to retain go today; but from as ancient Greece's actor give first place to title de painting and sculpture work in, we can hear of those's mask de shape's pattern. Use de mask often is pain or mourn de expression in buskin, but Happiness what in play use's mask then usually is smile de expression, or ha a point of evil meaning. Actor's at act de time use mask barricade whole face, include hair internal. By prove masks de shape benefit to actor vocal spread, make their voice much have penetrating power, much easy let audience listen clear.  "

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