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請給我一些 簡單的英文文章

字數大概 150-200字就好ㄌ! 單字不用太艱澀


<1> 出遊風景類 <2> 人際朋友類 <3>個人資料類

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    As modern man seeks to rediscover himself amid the tensions and busy pace of life, searching for somewhere to be at one with unspoiled nature, well-planned national parks will increasingly be the priority choice for most people. Yangmingshan National Park is facing growing pressures from development and leisure use, and the park is taking appropriate steps to deal with this. Protection and rehabilitation of the native flora, fauna and environment is continuing within the Mt. Huangzuei, Lengshuikeng Stream and Meihua Pond ecological conservation zones, and outstanding natural beauty spots in the park's core area and alongside the main scenic routes are being maintained. We have also designed Datun Nature Park, Siaoyoukeng Geological Scenic Spot, Cingtiangang Grasslands Scenic Spot, and the Lengshuikeng and Longfonggu Recreation Spot to provide visitors with a quality outdoor rest and recreation environment. In the intermediate buffer zone between the park and surrounding densely developed areas, we are seeking to continue original land use without affecting the rights of local residents. We are confident that through good planning and interpretative services we can familiarize the public with conservation concepts and introduce the park's rich resources and scenic beauties. Integrated study and rational management practices will enable the twin goals of conservation and enduring utilization to be achieved. Our hope is that by accepting nature into their hearts, people will develop a deeper awareness of living species and the ecology, and so learn to respect and cherish all life.

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