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請幫忙文章中翻英 一篇心得報告







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整部戲同時也瀰漫了一絲絲的溫情。例如:尼爾對塔德說:「 不覺


往下丟,尼爾又說:「 我一點也不擔心,因為你明年會收到同樣的





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    這是部很難評斷誰對誰錯的電影。To who wrong film is this who does it very difficult to judge part have. 因為每個人只是都太過盡力想去扮演好自己的角色。Because everybody just does the best to want to play a one's own well role very much. 一個太過期望自己兒子有所作為的父親,一個太過沉默把家庭主權交付男人的母親;一個太過執著而無法忍受現實衝突的青年。One too overdue to hope one's own father that son accomplish something, one very much reticent to pay man's mother family sovereignty; One and unable to stand realistic youth of conflict. 最後導致了青年死亡的悲劇。Caused the tragedy of the young death finally. 可是尼爾的父親錯了嗎?But is Neil's father wrong? 去期望自己的孩子;而尼爾的母親錯了嗎?Go to expect one's own child; Is and Neil's mother wrong? 去遵從傳統從夫從子的信念;選擇自殺的尼爾又錯了嗎?Go to comply with the tradition from the from the son's faith; Is it wrong to choose Neil that commits suicide? 一心一意去捍衛自己的夢。Go to defend one's own dream wholeheartedly. 所以真的真的很難評斷誰對誰錯。To whose fault it is so really very difficult who does it judge. 整部戲同時也瀰漫了一絲絲的溫情。The whole play filled the tender feeling of a silk silk at the same time. 例如:尼爾對塔德說:「 不覺得這組文具盒很想飛嗎?」For example: Neil says to tower Germany: ' do not think this group of stationery boxes want to fly very much? '. 然後塔德點頭,快樂地把文具盒從高樓往下丟,尼爾又說:「 我一點也不擔心,因為你明年會收到同樣的一組。」Then tower Germany nods, throws the stationery box down from the high building happily, Neil says again: ' I am not anxious at all, because you will receive a same group next year. '. 巧妙的化解了塔德覺得自己被父母忽略的心情。Mood neglected by parents oneself that the ingenious one dissolves tower Germany to think. 這樣的友誼給人溫暖的感覺,現代人太汲汲於追求利益,反而忘了最初的純真。 Such friendship gives somebody a warm feeling, the modern draws it in interests of pursuing very much, has forgotten the first purity instead. 世界太令人傷心,因為真心難尋。The world makes people sad very much, because the sincerity is difficult to seek. 而尼爾所展示的友誼就是一And the friendship that Neil show is one種「真」的表現。Behavior planted ' really '. 這種友誼的真誠,在人心中迴盪許久。The sincerity of this kind of friendship, has reverberated for a long time in the minds of people.  

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    This is a film that its characters are not easy to be evaluated who is right or who is wrong. For every one of them is only so hard to play his role well: the father who looks greatly forward that all his sons could do something; the mother who is much silent as to handover the family power to his man; and the young man who is so stuck to the real world that seems to be absolutely intolerable. And the result causes the tragedy of the death of the young man. Is it wrong that Neil’s father should look forward his own sons? Is it wrong that Neil’s mother should follow up a traditional believe, his husband and his sons? And is it wrong that Neil kills himself to defend his dream whole-heartedly? So I say that it is really hard to make an evaluation. The film also pervades an unbrokenly tender sentiment. ”Don’t you think that the stationery box would like to fly? “, Neil said to Ted. Ted nodded and joyfully threw it down from the building. “I do not worry about it, for you will have one next year.” Neil said again, and that skillfully relieved Ted’s worry that his parents should forget it then. The friendship gives us warm. Man of nowadays seeks much more after benefits than the preliminary truth. In this world, there are many things that make us feel heartbroken, for sincerity is really rare. And Neil’s friendship is true, and we are sure it will resound in the bottom of our heart for a long while.

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    Painfully shy Todd Anderson (Hawke) has been sent to the school where his popular older brother was valedictorian. His roommate Neil (Leonard) is very popular and smart but is under the thumb of his harsh and overbearing father. The two boys, along with their fellow students, meet Professor Keating (Williams), their new English teacher, who teaches them about his love of poetry and tells them about the Dead Poets Society, a society that meets in a cave and has poetry readings on a regular basis. Professor Keating encourages his students to find their own voice and go against the status quo. The boys' love of poetry is inspired even more by the teachings and insights of their extraordinary teacher.

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