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1.配合貴公司定期所舉辦之「環境管理系統」宣導說明會,屆時將主動派員參 加。

2.註:本文件請於 月 日前回傳,準時傳回,列入評鑑,感謝配合。

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    1.Cooperate with your company fixed ' environmental administrative system ' held is it can is it prove to lead to declare, will send someone to participate in voluntarily when the time comes .

    2.Note: File this please pass back a few days ago on moon, pass back on time, is it comment ancient bronze mirror to list in, thank you for cooperating.

  • 1.配合貴公司定期所舉辦之「環境管理系統」宣導說明會,屆時將主動派員參 加。

    1.Match with your company its"environment management system" held to periodically guide an explanation meeting, will send a member to attend actively then.

    2.註:本文件請於 月 日前回傳,準時傳回,列入評鑑,感謝配合。

    2.Note:This document please return to spread few days ago in month, sending back on time, being included in a review, appreciating concert.

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