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Benny :今天真不是我的幸運日





Jan :工作都是這樣的呀!

Benny :更慘的是我們老闆希望我用英文跟客人交談


Benny :對呀!我正打算要去學英文呢!

Jan :那我們一起去學英文。

Benny :太好了,一起加油喔!

Jan :一起加油!

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    Jan:How is today?

    Benny :Not my lucky day!

    Jan:What happened?

    Benny:My manager asked me to copy documents and type reports today.Jan:

    Benny:Yeah, sounds tiring

    Jan :That's usual tasks of a job.

    Benny :More terrible thing is that my boss hopes we can talk with customers in English.

    Jan: Then you've got to learn English!

    Benny :Yean, I just planned to attend English Courses.

    Jan :Let's go to learn it together.

    Benny :That's great! Let's go together!

    Jan :Well, let's make effort together!

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    Jan: How are you today?

    Benny: Today is not my lucky day.

    Jan: What is wrong with you?

    Benny: I was going to xerox and take a report for the manager.

    Jan: Mmm.

    Benny: It very tired.

    Jan: Everywork is so that!

    Benny: The more tragic is our boss wants me speak English with the all guests.

    Jan: So,you have to learn about English.

    Benny: Yeah!I am planning to learn about English!

    Jan: Let us go to learn about English!

    Benny: So good, refuels together!

    Jan: Refuels together!

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    Jan: How is Today ?

    Benny: Today is not my lucky day.

    Jan: What matter has had?

    Benny: Today manager wants my photographic printing to want me to hit reports

    Jan: Mmm mmm

    Benny: Is really very tired.

    Jan: The work all is such!

    Benny: More miserable is our boss hoped I use English to converse with the visitor

    Jan : That had to go studies English.

    Benny: yeap! I was planning must go studies English!

    Jan: Then we go together study English. Benny: Too good, refuels together !

    Jan: Refuels together!

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    Jan:今天過的如何?How' s it going today?

    Benny :今天真不是我的幸運日Today is not my day.

    Jan:發生什麼事了嗎?Did something happen?

    Benny:今天經理要我影印又要我打報告The manager told me to photo copy and write a report.

    Jan:嗯嗯I see.

    Benny:真的是很累。It' s really tiring.

    Jan :工作都是這樣的呀!Working is like this!

    Benny :更慘的是我們老闆希望我用英文跟客人交談The worst of all is that the boss wanted me to talk with in English with a costumer.

    Jan:那就得去學英文了。Then you will have to learn English.

    Benny :對呀!我正打算要去學英文呢!Yeah!I was about to go and learn English!

    Jan :那我們一起去學英文。Then let' s go learn English together.

    Benny :太好了,一起加油喔!Great!Then let' s make an extra effort together!

    Jan :一起加油!Together!

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