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    Regret! The too late reply gives you.. I first introduce I Taiwan in China's side. The Taiwan land is very small.. Some two surely population.. I at present read the information management department in the university. Goes to work in the governmental agency. Is outside a package of personnel.. All said Chinese in the Taiwan major part people. Only if works needs. Therefore very little may open the oral account English.. I hoped can the affiliation let my English by e-mail be progressive...


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    sorry for not writing you back earlier.

    Let me introduce myself first.

    Taiwan is beside China, is a small island, we have 20 million people who live here.

    I am a student of college, my major is information management. I am a contract worker for government. Most of the people here speak Chinese, unless the job's requirement.We have very few chance to speak English..

    I hope through the email, my English skill can be improved.

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    抱歉!太晚回信給你...---Sorry for not replying to your email at once.

    我先介紹我自己 At first, I want to introduce myself and my country to you.

    臺灣在中國的旁邊..臺灣土地很小...有二千萬人口...—Taiwan is near China. Taiwan which is near China is a very small island. The population in Taiwan is about twenty million people.

    我目前在大學念資訊管理系.. I major in information management in the university.

    在政府機關上班..是外包人員...I am taking a part-time job as a package personnel in the governmental agency now.


    Most people in Taiwan speak Chinese. There are very few people speaking English unless the need of their work.


    Hope I can improve my English through the contacting with you by e-mail.

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    ... 抱歉!太晚回信給你...Sorry that I reply your mail so late.我先介紹我自己Let me introduce myself first.臺灣在中國的旁邊..臺灣土地很小...有二千萬人口...Taiwan is an island located beside Mainland China.This island is relatively small and has population of 20 million people.我目前在大學念資訊管理系..Currently, I major in information system management.在政府機關上班..是外包人員...I work as a contractor for the government. 在台灣大部份的人都說中文..除非工作上需要..所以很少可以開口說英文...我希望能藉由e-mail讓我英文更進步... Majority people in Taiwan speak Chinese (Mandarin).We have very few opportunity to speak English except few occasions at work.I hope I can improve my English via writing e-mails.

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    excuse me! very late write back to you. ..I first introduce myselfTaiwan at Chinese beside. .Taiwan's soil teeny. ..there is two surely population. ..I at present read information management department at university. .Go to work at government agency. .be outside wrap personnel. ..All say Chinese at Taiwan's most people. .unless work on need. .so seldom can open mouth say English. ..I hope can by means of by e- Mail let my English much progress. ..

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