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那位大大可以幫我翻譯啊 期末考要考(資訊工程與導論(9))

6 What is the minimum processor required to install Windows 98? 486DX 66MHz

7 What occurs when an application attempts to access an unallocated memory location? General Protection Fault

8 Which utility allows easy access for editing SYSTEM.INI and WIN.INI files, as well as CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files?

9 Which utility is used to troubleshoot a connection to a remote computer? ipconfig

10 A printer is successfully installed on a PC located on the LAN. After testing a number of client computers, it is found that none of the clients can access the printer. What is most likely the problem? File and Print Sharing Services are not enabled on the host computer.

11 Which command will allow you to install the Windows 2000 Recovery Console so that it will be displayed on the OS startup menu ? winnt32 /cmdcons

12 Which backup type sets the archive bit to off? incremental

13 Which type of computer file can cause an application to either lock up or not load if it becomes corrupted or is missing?

14 Which DOS file is automatically hidden to protect it from accidental deletion? IO.SYS

15 Which course of action should be taken first when it seems to take longer to access files stored on a hard drive? run defrag on the drive

16 Which log file contains application errors found by the Dr. Watson utility? DRWATSON.LOG

17 Which Windows utility allows an administrator to set up different security restrictions for different users? Group Policy Editor

18 What is a temporary holding area for print jobs when the printer is busy? printer queue

19 Which error message will most likely occur when there is an issue with the hard drive or master boot record? no operating system found 20

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    什麼是要求安裝Windows 98的最小處理器的6嗎? 486DX 66MHz 應用試圖訪問一個未劃分的存儲單元的什麼發生的7? 一般的保護錯誤 8,效用允許編輯SYSTEM.INI 和WIN.INI 文件,以及CONFIG.SYS和AUTOEXEC.BAT 文件的容易的進入嗎? 哪個實用程式用來檢修對一台遠程計算機的一個連接的9嗎? ipconfig 10一台印表機被成功在位於局域網的一個PC 安裝。 以後測試許多客戶計算機,發現客戶都不能訪問印表機。 問題很可能是什麼? 文件和打印共享服務沒被在主機上使成為可能。 哪個命令的11 將允許你安裝2000 痊愈安慰的Windows它將被顯示在OS 開始菜單上? winnt32 / cmdcons 哪種候補的類型離開對確定檔案一點兒的12嗎? 增加 如果它被腐化或者丟失,能的13引起申請鎖上或者不裝? 那DOS 文件自動隱藏保護它擋住偶然的刪除的14? IO.SYS 當好像需要很長時間存取儲存在一個硬碟驅動上的文件時,應該的15被首先採取嗎? 在運動上運轉defrag 日誌文件包含應用錯誤以醫生沃森多用發現哪個的16? DRWATSON.LOG Windows 實用程式允許一名管理者為不同的用戶建立不同的安全限制的17嗎? 組政策編輯 什麼是一暫時舉行地區給印刷品印表機忙什麼時候的工作的18? 印表機排隊 當有用硬碟驅動還是大師靴子記錄的一個問題時,很可能將的19 發生嗎? 沒有作業系統找到20

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