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那位大大可以幫我翻譯啊 期末考要考(資訊工程與導論(7))

6 A computer technician is working for a medium sized school district. Which step in the troubleshooting process is important to help avoid repeating repair processes that were performed previously? the documentation of the problem and its solution

7 A technician is troubleshooting a computer problem. After making changes to the computer, the error still exists. What should the technician do next? Undo the changes and return to the beginning of the troubleshooting cycle.

8 Which type of electricity comes out of a wall outlet? alternating current

9 What is the standard resolution for VGA? 640x480

10 A technician is installing two hard drives on a single IDE cable and wants to use the cable select (CSEL) option of master/slave determination. Which of the following is important for the technician to remember? Master/slave designation is determined by drive position on the EIDE cable.

11 Before implementing a solution to a computer problem, what is one precaution that should be taken? Reset CMOS to their default settings.

12 Which of the following would be considered a field replaceable unit (FRU)? sound card

13 What is a convenient troubleshooting and diagnostic tool to use when dealing with printer problems? printing a self test page

14 Which of the following problems is usually indicated by intermittent sound problems or a "dead" sound card? resource configuration problems

15 What is the maximum length of an Ultra-2 SCSI cable? 12 meters

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    一位計算機技師正為一個中型的學區工作的6。 哪個進來個重要幫助避免重複檢修的過程修理執行以前的過程? 問題和它的解決辦法的文檔編製 7一位技師正檢修一個計算機問題。 在對計算機進行修改之后,錯誤仍然存在。 下一步技師該做什麼? 破壞變化並且返回檢修的循環的開始。 電中的哪種類型從一個牆上的電源插座裡出來的8嗎? 交流電 什麼是VGA的標準決定的9嗎? 640x 480 一位技師正在一封單個的艾德電報上安裝兩個硬碟驅動並且想要使用這封電報的10選擇主人/奴隸決心的(CSEL)選擇。 如下內容中的哪些是重要的技師記得? 掌握/奴隸指定因為運動位置確定在這艾德電報上。 在實現一個解決一個計算機問題的方法之前,什麼是花費的一預防的11? 把CMOS重新安放到他們的缺省設置。 如下內容中的哪些是將的12認為一個領域為可替換的單位(FRU)嗎? 聲卡 什麼是經營印表機問題的使用的一件方便的檢修和診斷的工具的13? 打印一自我測試頁面 14,下列問題中的哪個通常被間歇正確的問題還是"死"的聲卡表明嗎? 資源構造問題 什麼是一封極端分子-2 SCSI電報的最大長度的15嗎? 12米

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