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那位大大可以幫我翻譯啊 期末考要考(資訊工程與導論(5))

16 Which printer is preferred for locations that have a high print volume? laser

17 What is the maximum length of a serial cable? 18 meters (50 feet)

18 What is the voltage of the drum during the conditioning phase of a laser printer? -600V

19 Which printer connector is defined according to the IEEE 1284 standard? parallel

20 Which type of printer connection allows multiple PCs to share a printer via RJ-45 cables? network

21 Which type of charge does the secondary corona wire apply to the paper? positive

22 Which end of a parallel interface cable connects to the printer? the 36-pin Centronics connector

23 Which Windows option must be turned on in order to share the local printer over the network? File and Print Sharing

24 How is the speed of a dot matrix printer measured? characters per second

1 What is ICF? built-in firewall for Windows XP

2 What is the primary difference between a standby power supply (SPS) and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS)? When the incoming voltage drops below an acceptable amount the SPS switches to battery power, whereas the UPS continually runs from the battery.

3 What is the recommended operating temperature range for a server room? 50 Degrees F to 95 Degrees F

4 Which of the following is the best way to clean the inside of a computer case? can of compressed air

5 Which utility is used to reorganize files so that they are contiguous on the hard drive for faster retrieval? defrag

6 What should a computer technician consult to determine if a material is hazardous? MSDS

7 When working on a power supply, where should the grounding wrist strap be attached?

8 What is the goal of a preventive maintenance program? to preempt a problem before it happens

9 What device is used to redirect signals from the output pins to the input pins of a parallel port? loop-back plug

10 If liquid drips into a monitor while cleaning, which method should be used to remove it? let the moisture evaporate on its own

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    有一高的印刷品卷的哪台印表機被對於位置來說更喜歡的16嗎? 鐳射 什麼是一封連續的電報的最大長度的17嗎? 18米(50英尺) 在一台鐳射印表機的限制的階段期間什麼是鼓的電壓的18嗎? -600 V 哪個印表機連接器被根據IEEE把定義為1284 標準的19嗎? 平行 印表機連接中的哪種類型允許多個PC 透過RJ-45電報分享一台印表機的20嗎? 網路 的21 電線適用於那些文章的這次要日冕? 確定 並行界面電纜中的哪個末端連接印表機的22嗎? 36個銷釘的Centronics 連接器 那Windows 選擇一定取決於的23為了分享地方印表機越過網路? 文件和打印共享 測量怎樣的24? 每秒字符數 什麼是ICF的1嗎? Windows XP的內置防火牆 什麼是在備用的電源(SPS)和一次不間斷供電(UPS)之間的主要差別的2嗎? 當進來的電壓降低於可接受的數量時,SPS轉向電池權力,而UPS 連續以電池為動力營運。 什麼是推薦經營溫度範圍給一伺服器空間的3? 50 度F到95 度F 如下內容中的哪些是清潔一個機箱的裡面的最好的方法的4嗎? 壓縮的空氣的罐頭 效用用來哪個的5 改組文件他們在硬碟驅動上適合更快的取回接觸? defrag 一位計算機技師商議確定是否一種材料是危險的的應該的6嗎? MSDS 繼續工作電源的7,這根著陸腕帶被附上在那裡? 什麼是一個預防的維護程式的目標的8嗎? 為了搶先取得一個問題,在它發生之前 什麼設備用來從輸出中使改方向信號的9 釘住並行端口的輸入別針嗎? 循環返回塞子 10,如果液體在清潔時往下滴進一台顯視器,哪種方法應該用來除去它嗎? 讓水分獨立蒸發

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