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那位大大可以幫我翻譯啊 期末考要考(資訊工程與導論(4))

1 Which type of interface would not typically be used for a printer? IDE

2 Which phase of the laser printing process transfers the toner to the latent image on the drum? developing

3 To which class of printer does the dot matrix printer belong? impact

4 Which type of printer prints pages that are highly susceptible to smudging because of the wet nature of the toner or ink? inkjet

5 Which command is used to print an ASCII file directly to the parallel printer port using the command prompt? type thefile.txt >PRN

6 Where on the diagram would the image be transferred on to the paper? B

7 Which type of printer has a printhead that contains small resistive heating pins? dye-sublimation

8 Which of the following printer types would be considered an electrophotographic style printer? laser

9 Which laser printer component is very hot to the touch after printing? fuser

10 What happens during the cleaning phase of a laser printer? The remaining toner is removed from the drum.

11 If Windows does not detect a new printer, how can the Add Printer Wizard be initiated? Go to Start > Settings > Printers > double-click the Add Printer icon

12 What software is required for the printer to communicate with the computer? driver

13 What is the approximate charge of the primary corona wire? -6000 V

14 Which environment would be the best for storing printer paper? cool, dry

15 Which laser printing phase moves the toner to the paper? transferring

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    界面中的哪種類型將不通常用於一台印表機的1嗎? 艾德 2,打印過程的鐳射中的哪個階段在鼓上轉移這種調色劑到這副潛象嗎? 發展 印表機的種類做點陣印表機的3 屬於嗎? 影響 是非常易受到弄髒因為這種調色劑還是墨水的潮濕自然那印表機打印頁的類型的4? 噴墨 哪個命令的5用來打印一ASCII 文件直接給使用迅速的命令的並行印表機港口? 打印thefile.txt>PRN 在圖解上,圖像到紙上轉移在那裡的6? B 印表機中的哪種類型有printhead 包含小的resistive加熱別針的7嗎? 染昇華 下列印表機類型中的哪種將被認為為一台electrophotographic式印表機的8嗎? 鐳射 那鐳射印表機零部件是熱在接觸是在打印之后的9? fuser 在一台鐳射印表機的清潔的階段期間發生的10嗎? 剩下的調色劑被從鼓除去。 如果窗子不識別一台新印表機,增加印表機術士怎樣能被起動的11? 去開始 > 底座 > 印表機 > 雙擊增加印表機圖象 什麼軟體需要與計算機進行訊息交流的印表機的12嗎? 司機 什麼是初級日冕電線的近似費用的13嗎? -6000 V 哪種環境將是儲存印表機紙的最好的的14嗎? 涼爽,乾燥 打印階段的哪束鐳射把這種調色劑移到文章的15嗎? 轉移

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